October 12

Press release: Hurricane Relief Efforts



Abundance for All Foundation Provides Critical Assistance to Fort Myers Residents Affected by Hurricane Ian

Fort Myers, Florida – October 12, 2022

Abundance for All Foundation (AFAF), a Private Family Foundation, and Abundance 4 All Foundation (A4AF), a Public Charity, are both non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting Floridians impacted by weather-related events and promoting efforts to mitigate the effects of natural disasters and climate change, has been actively supporting the greater Fort Myers community in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Since its establishment in December 2021, the Abundance for All Foundation has remained committed to its mission of providing assistance to those in need during times of crisis. In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, the foundation swiftly mobilized its resources to provide aid to the affected residents, including emergency responders and volunteers.

Through its dedicated efforts, the Abundance for All Foundation has made a significant impact by providing essential funds to help locals rebuild their homes that were destroyed by the hurricane. Additionally, the Foundation has ensured that food supplies are readily available for those in need, including emergency responders and volunteers who selflessly assist during these challenging times.

“The aftermath of Hurricane Ian has been a trying period for our community, and we are determined to stand by our fellow Floridians,” said Dr. Gina Gaudio-Grace, Founder of Abundance for All Foundation. “We have been working tirelessly to provide support and resources to those affected, and we remain committed to fostering resilience and recovery.”

The Abundance for All Foundation acknowledges the generous contributions from individuals and organizations that have made these relief efforts possible. The outpouring of support demonstrates the strength and compassion of our community.

For more information about Abundance for All Foundation’s ongoing initiatives or to make a donation, please visit www.abundanceforallfoundation.org


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